San Gimignano, called the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” for its tall towers, is famous all over the world and is a UNESCO site because it “represent a masterpiece of human creative genius”.

San Gimignano is one of the Tuscan pearls in the area of Siena, a place with a particular charm due to its natural shape and its medieval history that it’s still alive nowadays as if the time had stopped, and it represents one of the most desired destinations to fulfill the wedding dream.

The abode of the Town Hall of San Gimignano, located in the heart of the town, gives the possibility to celebrate the Civil Ceremony in the frescoed Sala di Dante inside the civic museum and outside in the beautiful Medieval Courtyard, which is also decorated with frescoes by important artists, surrounded by the ancient walls of the communal palace.

The view of the towers of San Gimignano, which stand out from the top of the hill must have given to the wanderers of the XI century the same emotions that New York skyscrapers gave to the first migrants arriving by boat from Europe to America. The skyline of the town of Siena is unmistakable. The standing out of the thin medieval towers, framed by a still intact hamlet, are really moving. Walking through the paved streets which lead to the historic center, especially during the hot summer nights, will make you relive magic and a bit lost atmospheres. Arriving into Piazza del Duomo, where a majestic staircase leads you to the gate and then into the beautiful Church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, as the facing on the Palazzo del Popolo, abode of the Town Hall, between Torre Grossa and the building of the communal Loggia, will make you dive into an intact and unique medieval background.

From Piazza del Duomo you can go to the close Piazza della Cisterna, so called because in its center you can see the spring (Cisterna) dated back to the XIII century. But it’s not only these two squares that make San Gimignano one of the Tuscan destinations most visited by tourists coming from all over the world. The entire city is really picturesque and offers sweet romantic sights of rare beauty. The landscape surrounding San Gimignano is one of the most beautiful here in Tuscany. Situated beside the hills rich with vineyards and olive trees, there are picturesque streets lined with trees, little woods, and farmhouses which seem to come out from an artist’s canvas. What’s better than this to imagine a dreamy wedding? San Gimignano represents one of the most beautiful and romantic towns to get married into.

All this accompanied by anything that the Tuscan cuisine can offer, using all the typical products of the territory: precious meats, game, garden products and fruit, wines and sweets wines skillfully distilled, extra virgin oil of a rare quality. For those who want to dive into the past of a fairytale landscape, San Gimignano can be the ideal destination.

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The town of San Gimignano is surrounded by three sets of walls and retains 14 of the original 72 medieval towers. Each tower was built by one of the noble families who vied with each other on who could build the tallest and most beautiful. The higher the tower, the greater the prestige!

Throughout the Renaissance two families, the Ghibelline and the Guelphs of Florence, were at war between each other causing much havoc and internal strife. Finally, in 1353 the town surrendered to the Florentines after centuries of resistance.

What makes San Gimignano so remarkable is the way it is perfectly preserved. Two splendid squares dominate the architecture, in one there is an old 13th century well, in another the Cathedral.

You can climb some of the towers and enjoy the incomparable views of the hills in every direction, in particular from the Council Museum.Civil weddings are held in one of the frescoed halls of the museum where Dante used to deliver speaches in favor of the Guelphs.

But best of all San Gimignano is a place to discover on foot, climbing up to La Rocca, the fortress which is now a park or sitting at a café,enjoying a cool glass of the Vernaccia white wine this region is so famous for.

Wedding Receptions in San Gimignano will take advantage of everything Tuscany can offer. Food is of primary importance to Tuscansand the full flavours of the local cuisine are something your guests will never forget.

Whether you choose to hold your Wedding Reception in a restaurant in the heart of San Gimignano or in one of many villas - both private and hotels - or the romantic castles, San Gimignano is sure to be a happy choice for couples wanting to Get married married in Tuscany.

Civil wedding in San Gimignano

About San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a walled town which rises on a hill, dominating the Valdelsa valley and the Chianti region with its spectacular skyline. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, San Gimignano is also called the "city of the beautiful towers". In fact, during the 12th century the rich families of the City ordered 72 towers to be built (but, the law forbade them not to exceed the Commune tower in height) as a way to show off their wealth and power. Nowadays, only 13 remain intact, including 7 around the main square, Piazza della Cisterna with its beautiful well. The other famous square is Piazza del Duomooverlooked by the "La Collegiata" Cathedral and the City Hall. Choose San Gimignano for your destination wedding in a jewel of art that maintains the charm of a bygone era.


Something to know

But a destination wedding in San Gimignano is not just art, it is also nature, fun, good life and traditions, such as that which characterizes the typical product: Vernaccia, an excellent white wine, among the best in Tuscany. 


The City Hall

The Wedding City Hall in San Gimignano is called "Palazzo del Popolo Nuovo" or "Palazzo del Podestà". It is situated on the left side of the Piazza del Duomo and its tower "Torre Grossa" is the highest one in town. The civil wedding ceremony is held in the fascinating "Sala di Dante" with beautiful original frescoes. Come to San Gimignano to celebrate the wedding of your dreams, you won't be disappointed!


Type of ceremony

Civil ceremonies performed in Italian with a translator


How many

From 2 to 100 guests



From Monday to Friday 10 am - 1 pm, no Thursday



Rent of the City Hall € 1100


It is possible

To play music


It is not possible



Nearest Airport

Florence: 39 km - Pisa: 58 km