If you wish to celebrate your Wedding in Italy, one of the most beautiful and romantic country of the world, you have to know that there are some legal procedures to be followed. They are important because they allow you to have your Wedding legally recognized once you come back in your Country. There is no absolutely need to worry about these legal requirements: they are indeed easy to accomplish, and therefore do not forget that your Wedding Planner will help and guide you through every step, making it not stressful for you!
The legal procedures to be followed vary for different countries. Here below you find a short description that can give you a rough idea of what is necessary to do to celebrate your civil Wedding in Italy.


Irish citizens wishing to marry in Italy need to obtain their Nulla Osta (which is an official document that states that you are free to get married in Italy) from the Irish Embassy. The Wedding Planner takes care of the relationship with the Italian Registrar and Irish Embassy in Italy.
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Rules for English citizens who intend to get married in Italy have recently been modified, and we will guide you through the new procedures. The first thing you will need to obtain is the Certificate of No Impediment to marriage, then a Statutory Declaration should be made and all the documents that are produced need to be legalized. The Italian authorities also requires an official translation. Once again, do not panic at all! The Wedding Planner will make everything easy! 
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German citizens who want to marry in Italy have a quite easy procedure to follow. You need to obtain a Certificate of Marriage which is issued from local authorities after the presentation of some official documents of the couple. For what concerns the Italian Registrar, the Wedding Planner will take care of communicate with them and forward them the necessary documents.
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Usa citizens who want to celebrate their Wedding in Italy start preparing the necessary documents in the Usa, and are able to finish all the legal procedures once in Italy. You will need to contact the Italian Consulate in USA and then contact an experienced Wedding Planner to take care of the documents in Italy.
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This is really a brief list of what is needed to get married in Italy for citizens of four countries that can be useful to give you a rough idea of the legal procedures.
For the Religious Ceremony we should consider the different Confessions.Only a very experienced wedding planner can assist you.Catholic ceremonies are legally binding in Italy. If you are Protestant you should be already legally married in Italy or in your country.

If you want to know exactly what legal documents you need to get married in Italy contact us and we will help you!