Certaldo is a marvellous, medieval town known around the world because the famous Giovanni Boccaccio came from here.

As the very same Boccaccio said, “upper Certaldo is like a castle which dominates the territory of Valdelsa”.

Quaint squares, towers, lanes and buildings rich with history and charm….surpassing these walls is like taking a step back in time, reliving the sensations and traditions of the past. Certaldo is a popular choice with many Italian and international couples wishing to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany.

For couples wanting a civil ceremony the grand interior of the atrium within the majestic Palazzo Pretorio, which dominates the main street of the small town, awaits or the beautiful ex Chiesa SS Tommaso e Prospero, which is situated next to the building.

From the big towers of the Palazzo Pretorio you can marvel at the view of the Tuscan countryside, Santa Maria Novella, Luccardo, Semifonte and all the enticing places having big historical interests.

Certaldo is a unchanged medieval walled village with old origin, it was founded by the Etruscan and Roman. This town is divided into an upper part called "Certaldo Alto", surrounded by fortification walls and a lower and more modern part, "Certaldo Basso". Certaldo is also well-known because in the 13th century it gave birth to one of the most important European poets, Boccaccio, the author of the celebrated Decameron. Certaldo and its magnificent treasures await you and your destination wedding in Tuscany

The town hosts several festivals every year. The largest and most famous is Mercantia, a week-long party in Certaldo Alto. It involves numerous street performers from all over Italy, Europe and even the Americas.